The “Pop Culture Travel Guide” folks at have a nifty little feature up on the Hong Kong cafe scene, and gosh by golly, do these shops look gorgeous. But one featured cafe in particular, Rabbithole Roasters, is unlike any coffee shop we’ve ever seen: nestled on the third floor of an office building, surrounded by escalators, this cafe looks like sitcom kitchen set in the very best way, designed to serve as a meeting place and classroom. More from

There something going on in Asia with coffeeshops, and the way they design the space to facilitate more interaction between the baristas and the appreciative drinkers. We saw it in Singapore, and now we see it here: a layout that’s more like a communal kitchen than a “who’s next in line?” Starbucks. Two stories up from the street (so you have to climb a shady stairwell) and with a view straight out to the famous Mid-Levels Escalator, Rabbithole feels like you’ve somehow stumbled into a private meeting space that just happens to be kitted out with the best and latest in coffee technology. Sit at the single table (or on the tiny back porch, if the weather isn’t too muggy) and actually say more to your barista than “a large latter, please.” Imagine being able to do that. It’s possible here.

I want to go to there. More photos via Rabbithole’s Facebook:

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(Hat tip Baratza)

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