Our much-loved Espresso grinder brand Anfim is getting a new look and we are delighted to  share our new Anfim brand identity with you. 

In 2022 we saw Anfim open its new factory here in the heart of Milan and in 2023 we have some  exciting new product innovations to come. So with all this, we felt it is time to take our Anfim brand  to the next stage: A fresh new brand identity, defined by our love for exceptional espresso at the  heart of everything we do. 

Anfim espresso grinders are the expression of both our technical expertise and our love for espresso  and its preparation. Our product portfolio provides espresso grinders designed for any application, ranging from the modest volume of a small local bar, up to a busy high-volume coffee shop. The flexibility of our range and the reliability of each grinder makes Anfim the first choice when  looking for a trusted, high-quality espresso grinder brand.

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Manufactured in the heart of Milan, each coffee grinder is designed and built with a deep passion  for the traditional espresso culture. It’s from both the many neighbourhood Italian cafés and from  leading coffee shops in the world—and the baristas who work there—that we draw our inspiration.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a grinder with uncomplicated functionality and aroma-saving features that deliver the best flavors, or you’re looking for increased control with step-less grind adjustments and active cooling, our products are designed to empower baristas with tools they love to  use.

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