Did you know that Intelligentsia Coffee sponsors an internationally famous, big-deal professional BMX rider? Neither did we – but it turns out that Intelligentsia Coffee have been working with BMX star Kevin Porter for the last couple of years. Check out this interview with Mr. Porter in an older issue of Ride BMX Magazine, wherein he explains the origins of his association with Intelligentsia, and mentions Intelligentsia founder Doug Zell’s pre-history as a member of the US Junior National Cycling Team. Better yet, watch Porter ride the crap out of one of those little bikes in this video here.

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Today marks the launch of an exclusive denim hat from Intelligentsia, created in collaboration with Porter and the folks at Quintin Co., a Los Angeles based designer.

If the intersection of coffee and biking is of interest to you, the aforementioned denim cap is available here via the Intelligentsia web store.

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