can now report that actress/lifestyle brand Goop (née Gwyneth Paltrow) is launching Goop Coffee, billed as a “balancing, reverent everyday luxury experience” with an innovative “cup to seed” trade model. Goop reached out directly to Sprudge, sending us a lovingly detailed 3AM email full of beautiful, intimate looks at the Goop Coffee experience and Paltrow’s vision for a more “conscious, lovely cup of coffee.” It closed with a touching (and beautifully photographed) vignette about her recent trip to Rwanda, which we’re able to share with you exclusively below.

Paltrow told Sprudge that she considers coffee to be “a simple pleasure. It’s an everyday thing for me, like yoga and meditation.” Goop’s line of coffee will be sold exclusively in Palo-Santo-scented wooden box sets, hand carved in Peru, containing one Himalyan Pink Sea Salt mug, hand carved in Tibet, along with one bag of Direct Trade Certified single-region coffee. Each mug has been pre-blessed by practitioners of indigenous spiritual traditions, and paired with a specific coffee tree to allow their energies to harmonize. According to Paltrow, this unusual retail format was perfect for the Goop vision: “It is accessible, centered, and carbon-neutral. It’s how I think coffee should be for you. It’s like a breathing exercise in a mug.”

Paltrow in Rwanda. Photo courtesy

These Goop Coffee sets begin at $450 for the “Everyday Brew” offering. Other options include a “Peace, Love, and Pop!” blend, priced at $750, and an even more exclusive option, the “Cashmere Blend”, with pricing available upon request. The coffee itself is being roasted at an undisclosed location in Colorado. We sent a follow up email to Paltrow asking about the accessibility and carbon-neutrality of this model, and were delighted to receive a second missive from the Academy Award winning actress. We’re excerpting that email in full below for you, our readers, who are us:

Cup to Seed is really a revolutionary paradigm, designed from the ground up to be respectful and sensitive to indigenous traditions. In Tibet, we have a specially trained cadre of monks chant over the carving of the mugs. The monks then fly with the mugs to Peru, where they perform another ceremony working in concert with these really authentic shamanic practitioners we found there. This second ceremony is designed to bind the spiritual energies of the cup to the tree whose beans it will someday hold. When it comes time for the coffee to be harvested, each cup is packed into its wood box alongside a bag of coffee in sustainable jute bags.

If you think about it, considering the necessary fees we pay to a broker for carbon offsets, $450 is quite a reasonable and accessible price for busy people looking to bring a little more spiritual balance to their caffeinated lives. This is a no fuss, normal, everyday cup, perfect for your morning routine.

We’re left wondering which of Goop Coffee’s offerings would pair best with Paltrow’s favorite indulgence–a single American Spirit cigarette on Saturday night. Future plans for Goop Coffee call for a decaffeinated option, described to us as “using a modern process to consciously uncouple the caffeine while maintaining the positive parts of the coffee relationship.” She asked for privacy about the process during this sensitive time for the brand.

Expect a full announcement concerning Goop Coffee from in the coming days, and for Goop Coffee boxes to be made available online and at select Lululemon boutiques in Los Angeles, Manhattan, Paris, and London.

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Article published April 1st, 2014