Fan Fiction: Brew Us Coffee, Amelia Bedelia

Fan Fiction: Brew Us Coffee, Amelia Bedelia


Amelia Bedelia, the beloved series of children’s books, turns fifty years old this year. The protagonist, a clumsy but kind-hearted nanny who takes things a little too literally, has become a household name for lovers of children’s literature all around the world. Late author Peggy Parish created this crazy character based on her own maid in Cameroon.

What if there were an Amelia Bedelia book about brewing coffee? Just think of all the quirky hijinks Ms. Bedelia would get into!


Amelia Brews A V60

1. When she rinses the filter – she puts in under the sink and rings it out!

2. Amelia is asked to mill the beans – she moves them around in a confused mass!

3. When told to let the coffee bloom – she puts it out in the flower bed!

4. The brew method calls for pouring in concentric circles – and poor Amelia gets dizzy and loses her balance!


Amelia Makes Espresso

1. Bedelia’s trained to heat the cup – so she berates it to get it really upset!

2. Amelia nearly loses her job when she “doses the basket” with sleeping pills!

3. A service call was required when she flushed the group head – down the toilet!

4. She nearly pulled a muscle when she attempted to pull a shot!

Amelia Bedelia 2003Amelia Reads Everything But Espresso by Scott Rao

1. When reading about the benefits of turbulence, agitation, and outgassing – she boards a flight during inclement weather after getting into a fight with her mother over a meal of seven bean chili!

2. Rao suggests a brewing ratio of 1:17 – so poor Amelia sets her alarm to brew coffee at 1:17AM!

3. After the chapter about pre-wetting, Amelia jumps in the shower before she brews!

4. Amelia discovers that French press pots produce coffee with “a very heavy body and poor clarity” – so she puts it on a diet and takes it to the eye doctor!

Happy 50th birthday, Amelia Bedelia! You’re one of a kind.



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