Barista Doo-Wop Queen Out On “The Steve Harv...

Barista Doo-Wop Queen Out On “The Steve Harvey Show”


Steve Harvey is one fine looking speci-man. Look at his strong shoulders, his sculpted features, his burly mustache. Oomph. He funny too. In one recent episode, fine Mr. Harvey sent a camera crew to Chicago’s Robust Coffee Lounge to film barista Phil Sipka, as he belts out an “I quit” song with a doo-wop group!

Look at this guy. (Harvey Show)

Look at this guy. (Harvey Show)

Phil Sipka looks like a wiener.



Sipka’s boss looks deranged and stupefied. Watch all of Sipka’s extreme quittin’ action below!


Pro tip: We don’t recommend going out this way from your place of employment. Check yourself before your wreck yourself (and your resume).


  1. Rachel white

    8 January

    Im asking help for my son, please!

  2. terry wade

    24 February

    can’t stand you big head, big lips, have fun margie.

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