[VIDEO] Exclusive WBC Videos You Didn’t Get ...

[VIDEO] Exclusive WBC Videos You Didn’t Get To See!


Our video content wing is ever-expanding – why, just have a look up above at this facsimile rendering of our ultra-secure SE Portland Video Command Bunker®. Yes, truly is an enterprise on the grow. We now boast more than 100 videos on our SprudgeEditors Youtube channel, and we’re only getting started!

What kinds of videos, you’re wondering? All kinds, friend: from wildly popular internet memes to playful instructional tutorials, to hypnotic pop fantasias and modern barista club jams, cool Aeropress methods, country music jamborees, and gentle fun-poking at the Scandinavians, to name just a few.

We made a whole heap of new videos at this year’s World Barista Championship – some for the competitors, and some for the commercials that aired between routines. First off, check out this little spot we did for our partners at Urnex:

Or how about this advert, put together on-site at WBC for Nuova Simonelli and aired on Finals Sunday:

In what’s become a bit of a tradition for us here at Sprudge, this is the second consecutive year in which we’ve created finalist walk-on introduction videos to air immediately before each competitor performs on Finals Sunday. This means an epic all-nighter on the Saturday night before. We were able to divide and conquer this year, however, with one half of Sprudge attending, and serving on the Rules Committee of the First Annual World Drunk Brewers Cup (hazy write-up coming soon). Meanwhile back in Ascot Vale, Sprudge videorama drama raged on into the wee hours of the morning. Here they are, our Finalist Introduction Videos produced for the World Coffee Events, in all their haphazard glory…

Francesco Sanapo – Barista Champion of Italy

Colin Harmon – Barista Champion of Ireland

William Hernandez – Barista Champion of El Salvador

Matt Perger – Barista Champion of Australia

Pete Licata – Barista Champion of the United States of America

Nick Clark – Barista Champion of New Zealand





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