Sprudge.com loves Scott Rao’s (The Professional Barista’s Handbook) newest tome, “Everything But Espresso“. Scott Rao caused quite a stir on coffeed.com earlier this year when he made the bold claim that Chemex was a waste of “beautiful, expensive coffee beans”. We were able to score a copy from Scott himself at the SCAA show this year and it’s available to purchase online. This book would be a valuable addition to any coffee company’s library.

From Andy Schecter (inventor of the Schectormatic) via coffeed.com:

advert but first coffee cookbook now available


What I think is pretty unique in this book is that Scott gives very detailed instructions for getting the best extraction from a number of different brew methods. Often times people develop their personal techniques based on their own taste, but Scott’s methods seem like a good starting point — or at least a good point of comparison.

I also think he emphasizes some interesting points about the function of agitation, the relationship between flavor clarity and body, and what the shape of your spent coffee bed says about your coffee (and you!)

Here’s a sample:

More sample pages are available at Scott’s web site.

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