Denim Company Creates Perfect American Psycho Paro...

Denim Company Creates Perfect American Psycho Parody (Except For The Coffee Part)


Dutch jean company Denham The Jeanmaker collaborated with London creative agency Flickering Wall to create a near-perfect American Psycho parody. The Bret Easton Ellis novel, brought to life in 2000 in Mary Harron’s film adaptation, has been reimagined in modern day hipster terms.

Watch the video below (warning: violence and language toward the end):

The first half of the video perfectly recreates the American Psycho business card scene in our modern times.

The second half of the video is the recreation of the Paul Allen death scene. Rather than wowwing his guest with Huey Lewis and the News, the parody uses Kopi Luwak. That’s where the parody nose dives from perfection to something close to, um, not perfection.


Kopi Luwak? The sad, overpriced, civet coffee? Would Patrick Bateman, “firmly controlled in terms of look and taste, with the latest music, food, and art“, drink this?


A product whose big claim to fame is that it was featured in the 2007 Rob Reiner film The Bucket List?


Furthermore, would Patrick’s character not bother to dial-in, level, distribute, and/or tamp his espresso? Would the real Patrick Bateman pull a 12 second shot…and then drink it?

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  1. Jackson O'Brien

    22 January

    Given that Patrick Bateman’s music taste is purposely and falsely middlebrow, it’s only appropriate that the coffee his h•pster equivalent would offer kopi luwack to drink. He probably has lots of thoughts on Pike Place Blend and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee as well.

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