Dear Coffee, I Love You’s Brian W. Jones, based out of Sweden, went to Koppi, visited Barista Magazine cover model Anne and her partner Charles and made a weekend out of it:

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On the train ride between Gothenburg and Copenhagen, there’s a small  but lovely town on the coast of Sweden called Helsingborg. Aside from being home to Ikea’s corporate headquarters and a Nicorette manufacturing plant, it’s home to Koppi Kaffe & Roasteri—one of Sweden’s finest. Last month I posted this great video of Koppi in action and knew that I could no longer put off visiting. There is very little I love more than being around great people doing what they love and doing it so well.

At Koppi’s helm are Anne Lunell and partner Charles Nystrand who have a taste for both great coffee and design that’s reflected in their gorgeous downtown café and roastery. Natural light floods in on two sides making the space feel warm and vibrant even in the heart of Swedish winter. There’s a La Marzocco on the bar, a daily brew in the airpot and a slow bar where you can try coffee from an AeroPress, Chemex, or V60.

Side note: We had an opportunity to try Koppi coffee in Amsterdam and it was terrific. Anne has also taught us to give in to occasional snack attacks.

Check out the rest of DCILY’s Koppi weekend here. While you’re poking around the internet, check out Anne’s amazing Flickr photostream here.

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