Cupping With The Stars: Cyrus Clan Conducts Coffee...

Cupping With The Stars: Cyrus Clan Conducts Coffee Clatch

Celebrewties: they're just like us!

Over frozen chais and double-breve half-cafs, the beleaguered Cyrus family (Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, the other two) recently patched up their many public trials and trib’lations at an L.A. area coffee trough. Astute Sprudge readers may notice that Miley isn’t carrying a cuppa…only has got the inside scoop on why! hot tipper “Bucky” Becky Wooskei gave us the details on what went down inside her cafe. Turns out Miley ordered a shot of espresso and wound up pulling it herself!

According to Becky, it was “sooo cool.”

Miley went up to the bar and ordered a shot. So Jen starts making the drinks, and Miley sneaks around the side of the bar to watch, right,  first she squatted down, and then I heard her yell out “uneven tamp!” Miley watched the shots drop and screamed “THOSE ARE BLONDER THAN MY DAD’S HIGHLIGHTS!”

THEN she went around the BAR, pushed Jen off the MACHINE, and started pulling shots herself! She didn’t miss a beat, she just went right in there and started slinging shots. Like, seriously, if the acting and singing stuff ever slowed down for Miley or whatever, she could totally pick up bar shifts somewhere. I totally loved working with her.

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