A bit of green coffee news for Sprudge Media Network readers in the industry—or those of you looking to get in on a little bit of that sweet, sweet home roasting action. Royal Coffee, Inc., a green coffee importing company based in Oakland, CA since 1978, have announced a new green coffee program aimed at small-format purchases for boutique coffee roasting customers. They’re calling it “Crown Jewels”—22 pound boxes of carefully curated green coffee selections, now shipping worldwide via Royal’s new Crown Jewels web ordering hub. 


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This launch is a part of a wider brand refresh underway at Royal, including the impending opening of The Crown by Royal Coffee, Inc, a massive new coffee lab, tasting room and education space on Broadway, in the heart of Oakland. The Crown will open early 2017, but Crown Jewels is fully launched this week, sporting a spiffy new website with in-depth coffee analyses from coffee game web winners Needmore Designs.



“We want this to be for people just getting into the industry,” The Crown General Manager Richard Sandlin told Sprudge. “But we also want it to be for people who are established and want to diversify; and for people who are roasting at home, because this is a huge trend. Director of Roasting Jen Apodaca added: “The 22 pound size is practical, even for larger companies. A lot of times a really large company wants to showcase something not just amazing based on cupping score, but because it has interesting flavor profile. This allows roasters to bring something really truly exceptional onto their menu for a limited time, creating a buzz.”

The project is launching with a variety of small lot coffees from around the world, including rarities from India, Yemen, and a natural processed Panama Gesha. Much more information is available at the Crown Jewels hub via Royal Coffee, Inc. online.

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