Studies have shown that many of the repetitive tasks common to a routine shift behind a coffee bar – tamping in particular – put baristas in serious risk of injury. Awkward wrist angles and unnatural postures during application of force (aka tamping) can lead to long-term wrist, shoulder, and lower back pain. One possible solution to this problem is automation, and that’s exactly what the Danish-designed Puqpress provides (along with a few other pretty cool features).

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First spotted stateside at the UNIC booth at this year’s SCAA Expo in Atlanta, the Puqpress touts consistency and customization when it comes to compressing small particles of coffee. The automated tamping system has adjustable pressure, allowing the user to choose exactly how many pounds of force get applied to the coffee bed in a “constant” and “perfectly level” way, according to their website.

Until recently, Puqpress has only been available in Europe, Asia, and Australia, but the company has recently found distribution here in America through Chris’ Coffee in New York. Coming in a variety of portafilter sizes from 53mm to 58.3mm, each unit costs around $855 (with a $950 MSRP). It’s no insignificant amount of money, though it is markedly lower than the original $1164 price tag from when we first saw it at Expo.

The video below gives a good demonstration of the Puqpress in action. It also shows a barista having a love affair with a disc of coffee grounds. Because even if the near $1000 sticker price is a little too much, the video is free and watching a dude get a little too intimate with some coffee is well worth the price of admission.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

*top image via Puqpress

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