This weekend—June 20th-22nd 2018—support ASAP (Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project) by visiting a cafe taking part in the Coffee For Families fundraiser.

ASAP’s project work includes providing resources and accurate information to detained individuals, working to reunite mothers with their children post-detainment, and filing lawsuits in federal court against ICE on behalf of individual clients. This weekend’s charitable action will go directly towards funding this meaningful work being done by the team at ASAP.

We ask participating cafes for a good faith effort to raise funds this weekend (June 22-24). This can take many forms: a portion of proceeds; a donation of $1 per drink; an option for patrons to donate directly—”Would you like to add $1 to support ASAP” — or a direct corporate donation to ASAP as part of this campaign. All donations should be donated directly to ASAP.

If you would like to get your company involved, please contact us below:

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