Copenhagen’s Coffee Collective Now Hiring

Copenhagen’s Coffee Collective Now Hiring



Copenhagen’s Coffee Collective just celebrated their fourth year (happy anniversary!), and are currently hiring:

We are looking to hire more baristas for both our shops.

The job primarily consists of brewing, serving and presenting delicious coffee, but there is also packaging and cleaning duties involved. You don’t necessarily need a background as a barista, but a keen interest in learning and tasting coffee is essential. We provide a full training course and many opportunities to learn and explore what coffee can be. In return we’re looking for people who are committed to quality, dependable and enjoy to work efficiently.

So if you’re into coffee and service and think you could be a great addition to our staff please send in your résumé and an application to

Please make sure to write if you are interested in full time or part time work.




  1. Ηum êtes vous certain dde ce que vous nous écrivez ??

  2. On peut dire que ce n’est nullement absurde !


    14 May

    Je prends la peine de publier ce petit com simplement pour congratuler l’auteur

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