Chicago: Kenya Dig It? Here’s The Deets!

Chicago: Kenya Dig It? Here’s The Deets!

Friends! Romans! Upper Midwesterners! On Thursday, October 25th we’re going to be throwing our sixth in an ongoing series of public cupping parties at the Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea 1871 Coffeebar (222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza Suite 1212). We’ll be cupping a delicious table of coffees from the nation of Kenya – home to some of the most beautiful, delicious, and beguiling coffees on the planet.

This event will be a bit more intimate than previous cupping parties – the table will be capped at 25 coffees total, from a curated selection of invited roasters. We’re doing this because, while exhilarating, the free-for-all cupping party madness of our previous events would be ill-suited to the 1871 Coffeebar space, and we want to try having this event be a bit more controlled, educational, and focused. Each one of our cupping parties is a special little snowflake, and we won’t keep throwing them forever, so if you’re able to make this one, please do it. Who knows if we’ll ever hold one in Chicago again…

The event goes down on Thursday, October 25th, with educational programming beginning at 4pm. Kenya Dig It? is free and open to the public – click here for Facebook event details, and to validate our existence by clicking “join”.

Kenya Dig It? We bet you can.

What: Kenya Dig It! A Kenyan cupping with and Intelligentsia

Where: Chicago, Illinois at Intelligentsia’s 1871 Coffeebar (222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza Suite 1212)

When: Thursday, October 25th from 4pm-7pm




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