Would you pair your Americano with a fine cheese? Why not? Redditor PostPostPostIronic (pbbt) asks fellow Redditors “What’s your favorite coffee snack, aside from more coffee?” We think it’s an excellent question, and want to explore your experiences with high end coffee and snacks. Shall we curtail our activities, sally forth and infiltrate the comments to negotiate the nuances of some coffee comestibles?

Yes, indeed!

Here’s a little more from PostPostPostIronic:

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I used to work at a cheese store with attached coffee shop, so I’d start every morning with an Americano and a tiny slice of every cheese in the store that I’d sample as I built the display. It gave me a taste for cheese and coffee, which I still like as a pairing (especially good parmesano-reggiano and English cheddars.) Oher [sic] favorites are bananas and dates.

Most of the Redditors recommend pairing coffee with weed. User cossist prefers pairing his coffee with silence. Zing! One Redditor shares their mom’s cardamon coffee cake recipe:

Cardamon Bjornkaka

2 eggs 2C sugar
2C flour 2tsp baking powder Mix or sift together
4 OZ melted butter 2 tsp cinn 2 tsp cardamon
Mix eggs with sugar Mix flour with baking powder Mix butter with cinn and cardamon. [This will be a little lumpy but it brings out the flavor of the spices more than adding it to the flour.] Then mix all three together and bake in a greased and floured form pan, cake pan or skillet at 350 for 45- 55 min. Dust with powdered sugar if you like. Great with coffee!


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