There’s a double dose of US coffee champs in the news today, and they’re both worth your gander. First up, the most talented 2013 US Brewers Cup Erin McCarthy sat down with Sprudge contributor Liz Clayton over at Serious Eats last week. Mr. McCarthy (of Counter Culture Coffee) talks the Serious Eats crowd through the 5 common mistakes many home coffee enthusiasts make, including “Using Unfiltered Water” and “Giving Up.” As always when Liz Clayton is involved, it’s a great read.

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But that’s not all for Mr. McCarthy, who’s also featured in this bit of radio love from Heritage Radio Network. Questions answered by Mr. McCarthy include “Why does soy milk coagulate in certain brews?” and  “What are the differences between the different types of iced coffee?” Go have a listen!

Meanwhile out in Los Angeles, 2013 Southwest Regional Barista champion Eden-Marie Abramowicz of Intelligentsia had a Hollywood moment with the gang at ABC News LA. The video below includes jaunty music, a basic latte art tutorial, and the near-maiming of this almost-too-perky ABC News host:

Aww, Eden is a great teacher! That latte art definitely shows improvement…from a solid “F” to a generous “C-“. Next week on “Champs In The News”, Eden-Marie Abramowicz teaches Barbara Walters to make a shakerato, Pete Licata puts down a full rack of Oklahoma Joe’s alongside NBC’s Brian Williams, Devin Chapman signs on to call TV & radio play-by-play for the 2014 Portland Timbers, and Sam Lewontin accepts a war correspondent position for Al-Jazeera English. Stay tuned!

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