Cupping With The Stars: The Bold And The Brewtiful

Cupping With The Stars: The Bold And The Brewtiful


According to a UK gossip blog, “coffee dates are the kiss of death for any couple”. They’re citing recent celeb couple Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift as the latest example:

It’s true, Jake and Taylor are keeping their romance hot by…getting steamy cups o’ joe.

Say it with us now: Noooooooooo!

Coffee dates are the kiss of death for any couple.

We were skeptical about this bold claim and took an informal poll.

“I think that’s a crock of s***, personally,” says Sprudge Tipper Sweat J. “It’s not an easy date though. It’s hard for it to be interesting, unless of course, it’s like, a three coffee tasting flight.”

“Are you Taylor Swift?” asked Sprudge reader Murphy. Clearly he didn’t understand our question. We ask, “Have you ever been on a coffee date?” Murphy replies, “Honey, hardly.

International Sprudge reader Kristoffer has this to contribute: “At coffeeshops in Amsterdam I’ve been kissed to death.”

Meanwhile, at the trashiest Starbucks in Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan takes a break from Betty Ford by indulging in the retro classic combo of coffee and cigarettes. Thank goodness for websites like Radar and HollywoodNews, lest our lives lose all meaning :
Lindsay Lohan may be in rehabilitation for alcohol and drugs, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping her from consuming coffee and cigarettes.While the actress got out of Betty Ford Center for a bit, she seems to have made a stop at Starbucks with friends for some caffeine and had her cigarettes on hand
Last but not least, Mystic Pizza star Julia Roberts has reportedly earned in the neighborhood of $1.5 million for her role in an Italian coffee advert. Pre-ground freeze dried barons Lavazza dropped a chunk of Lira on Ms. Bullock’s appearance, and here’s the kicker: she didn’t have to say a word. Check the ad:


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