The folks at British Columbia’s Eat Magazine are all excited over Bows & Arrows, home to former Ecco employee Amber Fox, reporting on their “warehouse roastery equipped with walk-up coffee bar” in the Rock Bay neighborhood of Victoria. Eat reports that Bows & Arrows are growing their wholesale clientele, with a list that includes “Habit Coffee & Culture, Spiced Water, Flocon Espresso in Montreal, and a couple of shops in Vancouver”.

More from Eat’s Deanna Ladret:

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“Despite coffee cultureโ€™s upswing, there are still many who donโ€™t understand why locally-roasted coffee from shops like Bows & Arrows cost more than say, a tin of Nabob. For one thing, explains Johnson, itโ€™s the basic economics of ordering small versus large quantities. Additionally, Bows & Arrows only works with wholesalers who practice transparency and can tell their customers exactly how much the farmers were paid for their work. Finally, the grade of the beans impacts their price. Like meat, eggs, and fruit, coffee is graded according to quality. Single origin/craft roasters look for top-notch or โ€œexport-gradeโ€ product. And the roasting process isnโ€™t simply a matter of dumping some beans into a giant machine and pressing a big red button. Like brewing or winemaking, the system is delicate, with plenty of variables that can affect the final product needing constant monitoring along the way.”

Read the full feature here, and catch BxA updates on Twitter and Instagram.


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