Well, obviously, there are a lot of great coffee gifts out there, but allow us this moment to toot our own horn. The Sprudge Shop is celebrating its fourth year of original coffee merch, and this year we’re bigger and better than ever! Allow us to peruse you through some of our new offerings for this holiday season. May we suggest that you shop now, so as to secure that your holiday items arrive on time? Buying things shows your love and support for Sprudge, allows us to continue commissioning design work from independent artists, and gives us life and self. Quantities are limited and they’re going fast!

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New tees and the first-ever Sprudge Onesie


We have a brand-new ultra soft (poly-cotton!) clay-red guinea pig tee from our friend and illustrator Michelle Erickson. In celebration of the Sprudge Team’s many new human additions, we’ve also printed a very limited run of ultra-adorable guinea pig baby onesies.

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Our popular Linea Cat, designed by our friends Thomas Putnam and Joanna Han, is now in a fun and frisky bright blue and printed on an ultra-soft poly-cotton blend. Yas, mama!

Our inbox has been flooded with requests to reprint our black metal tee and it’s back, designed by noted New York City artist Sabin Calvert.

Printed matter

Nice Coffee Time by Liz Clayton.
Nice Coffee Time by Liz Clayton.

Who doesn’t love the tactile sensation of a fine vintage print? We have become stockists for some of our talented teammates including our Associate Editor Liz Clayton’s book Nice Coffee Time, and a project Clayton collaborated on: the New York City Coffee Map! Member maps? Oh, yeah, they were fantastic!

I member!
I ‘member!

We’re also offering our staff writer at large Anna Brones’ journal Comestible, a celebration of eco-conscious living and merriment. Printed on recycled, FSC-certified paper at a local, Pacific Northwest-based printer!


AeroPress Cat Tote.
AeroPress Cat Tote.

We’ve brought back our popular and adorable AeroPress Cat tote designed by Putnam and Han. Perhaps our most durable tote yet—a natural color gusseted-bottom bag that’ll fit your sweet vinyl finds at the record shop or a whole haul’s worth of produce at the farmer’s market. Look at that lil’ kitty, pressing his heart out. Enh! Enh!


Sale! Sale! Sale!
Sale! Sale! Sale!

Our Decaf Gives Me Life Tee, Specialty Coffee Tee, and Peruvian Llama Tees are both on sale this season. You can save even more by subscribing to the Sprudge Letter.

Thank you for considering shopping at the Sprudge Shop.

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