Some truths are self-evident: if you’re visiting Paris, you’d do well to choose a spot within walking distance of La Fontaine de Belleville. And I don’t mean Parisian walking distance, I mean “I live in Texas and drive anywhere that is over a half-mile away” walking distance. It’s where I start my morning and, time permitting, where I start my night before I’m off gallivanting hither and yon to whatever other natural wine spot I can find in a city full of them.

And now thanks to Belleville Brûlerie—the cafe’s roasting arm—I’ll be able to expand my list of chill zones, as the brand has announced the acquisition of Cafés Cuillier and its four outposts.

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Cafés Cuillier and Belleville Brûlerie already have a long-established relationship; Belleville has been the primary roaster for Cuillier for many years now. But now with this acquisition, Belleville is looking to “radically change the image of coffee in France by [changing] the way France drinks coffee,” as per a press release.

David Flynn, Belleville’s President, Director of Marketing, and Director of Coffee tells Sprudge:

Coffee is, above all, about people and we’re very pleased to welcome 19 new members to our team. Beyond that, we’re excited to be able to participate in the life of some of Paris’ most iconic neighbourhoods, and share our vision for great coffee.

According to the press release, all Cafés Cuillier locations will operate under their same moniker until 2019, when they will begin being rebranded as Belleville shops, with Foundation Café in the Marais being the first to undergo the change. But unlike the original Fontaine de Belleville, these new locations won’t offer up the brand’s succinct but thoughtful natural wine list due to them lacking the appropriate licensing. However, this is Paris, so you can just go to the one of, what, maybe a million other fantastic natural wine bars within walking distance of wherever you currently are.

Go drink coffee in Paris. It’s one of the most fun scenes in the world, and it just got a littler funner.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

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