UK Barista Champion John Gordon released his judges scoresheetsย from the 2010 and 2011 UKBC and the 2011 World Barista Championship. Gordon used GoogleDocs and has opened up the collection to other barista competitors. UK baristas Stuart-lee Archer, Sang Ho Park, and Dan Shannon have uploaded their scoresheets, along with Icelandic champ Tumi Ferrer and Spanish champion Javier Garcia.

John Gordon writes:

Over the last 3 years, competing in barista competitions has helped me grow as a person and accelerate my learning.

One thing that I believe has helped me so much has been reviewing score sheets, evaluating feedback and learning from my mistakes.

This year Judging in Ireland and coaching one of the most talented baristas in the country I believe I was able to learn more about score sheets and feel there is an abundant amount of information that can be dissected, dismantled and evaluated and the important information used to push forward and help improve what we do best.I think by sharing score sheets we can also learn from each other and as a few have done before by making score sheets available to view online it can only help baristas learn the doโ€™s and don’ts.

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If you feel as I do I would love your help in compiling a list of score sheets for everyone to view, good or bad we can learn from everything we do in life, triumphant or failure we are all winners because we got up there and did what we believed in.

Score sheets provide an interesting perspective and will prove to be an incredible resource for those competing in the future.

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