The college football season reaches its thrilling conclusion tonight as the under(literal)dog Washington Huskies look to upset the Michigan Wolverines. My beloved Texas Longhorns fell just short of pulling off an impressive comeback against UW, the alma mater of Sprudge co-founder Jordan Michelman, so at least weโ€™re keeping it in the family and can rally together around a collective enemy.

This yearโ€™s bowl season has been a little weird, and dare I say, fun? Bowl games have long been a three-hour commercial for the title sponsor, and this year was no different but they at least got a little goofy with it. In lieu of the traditional dousing-the-winning-coach-in-Gatorade post-game, this yearโ€™s bowls saw the celebration as one last opportunity for a little product placement, to delightful ends. At the conclusion of the Dukeโ€™s Mayo Bowl, the West Virginia Mountaineers head coach took a mayo bath. The mascot for the Pop Tarts Bowl, a giant Pop Tart, got eaten alive by the winning team on national television. And Ched-Z, the mascot for the Cheez-It Citrus Bowl made it clear he was not edible.

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So for the Scooterโ€™s Coffee Frisco Bowl, one can but guess what awaited the victor. Head coach Jeff Traylor of the University of Texas at San Antonio found himself doused with an oversized mug of Scooter’s Coffee cold brew.

As reported by the Sports Business Journal, this was Scooter’s first year as the title sponsor of the Frisco Bowl in Frisco, Texas and they wasted no time getting in on the fun. After rallying to beat Marshall by a score of 35 to 17, UTSA players a giant Scooter’s Coffee to-go cup, roughly the same size as a five-gallon Gatorade cooler. With a few seconds left on the clock in the fourth quarter but the game firmly in hand, the players gave coach Traylor a celebratory pour-over. One but assume that since Traylor wasn’t rolling around on the ground yelling, “OH GOD THE PAIN WHY DID MY OWN PLAYERS DO THIS TO ME?!” that the coffee had been brought to a reasonable dousing temperature beforehand.

It’s all honestly a little silly, but I think we need more of it, especially in these auxiliary bowl games. Perhaps a mashed potato dunk tank in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl or maybe a guacamole bath after the Avocados From Mexico Cure Bowl. Honestly anything is better than watching two six-win teams take turns trying to lose the game.

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