Seasoned brewing champion Andy Sprenger, formerly of Ceremony Coffee Roasters, now embarking on a brand new roasting business, has won the 2013 US Aeropress Championship – taking home two trophies, for both first place as well as “most innovative brew”.

The World Aeropress Championship began in 2008, and has grown today into several national competitions taking place around the world. The 2013 US Competition was held at the Marco and Bunn booth at the SCAA Event in Boston.

Joshua Wismans of Alterra Coffee organized this year’s event with support from Able Brewing, Aerobie, Barista Magazine, Baratza, Bunn, and EspressoParts. For more on the organization of the event and some of its history, check out Barista Magazine’s recent interview with Joshua Wismans.

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We’ve put together this video tutorial on Andy Sprenger’s winning brew, with instructions written out below. Now you can brew like Andy!

Andy’s Brew Method
Coffee used: Cerro Azul Geisha

Place inverted Aeropress on a scale, tare, add 10 grams of coffee. “I used a fine drip grind,” Andy tells us after the competition. Trim down and pre-wet a V60 filter and carefully fold it on top of the Aeropress chamber. Add an additional 8 grams of coffee to the V60 filter.

Start your timer, and pre-infuse the V60 filter for about ten seconds with 203-205 degree water. Pulse pour 120 grams of water total over the course of a minute and a half. Carefully remove the V60 filter. Add an additional 150 grams of water to the Aeropress chamber (this’ll take around 20-25 seconds).

Pre-wet that Aeropress paper filter, cap the chamber, invert the Aeropress – and very slowly press it down. Gentle. Pour and enjoy.

Andy takes home a Preciso grinder, Esatto scale, Able Gold Disks, an Aeropress, two prized trophy Aeropresses signed by inventor Alan Alder. This year, Aerobie will sponsor travel for Andy to compete in the World Aeropress Championship in Melbourne, Australia.

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