The go-to on-the-go coffee maker in the specialty world is, has been, and will continue to be the AeroPress. The plastic wundertube created by a toymaker that a developed a bit of a cult following (and its own world coffeemaking championship). It’s nimble and compact, ready to make coffee wherever, so much so that the company came out with the AeroPress Go, a self-contained travel setup with everything you need to make coffee, save the coffee (and grinder, if that’s your bag) and water.

It’s a fine product, but it has one major drawback: it’s small, making less coffee than the already-compact traditional sized AeroPress. Being able to fit everything into a tiny canister is great, but having to make extra batches to meet the morning needs makes one consider saving a little extra room in the travel bag for a normal AeroPress.

Enter the Go Plus, the all-new travel setup that contains everything you need to make coffee, including a larger AeroPress.

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Announced Monday, June 3rd, the Go Plus expands on the concept of the original Go but goes bigger. Along with a full-sized version of the AeroPress Clear, the Go Plus comes with filters, a stirrer, a scoop, and maybe the biggest updated, a reimagined tumbler.

Doubling as the storage container, the stainless-steel tumbler is larger, able to hold more coffee (and keep it warmer longer). But the smartest update comes in how it stores the filters. Thanks to a false bottom that unscrews from the cup, you can store your filters safely and securely without worrying about them flying away or getting wet during the brewing process (which has been known to happen to the prior version’s monocle-looking filter holder, especially when brewing in the great outdoors). The tumbler comes in both black and cream color options.

Now available for purchase via AeroPress’s website, the Go Plus retails for $79.95. But for a limited time, you can get yours for a cool $64 with the code FATHERSDAY20. No Captcha-style questions about parentage were posed at check-out.

As someone with a traditional AeroPress, an AeroPress Go, and an AeroPress XL, there is a question as to whether or not I need yet another coffee pump. And the answer is that it’s between me and my god and I thank you to not worry about it.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.