An annual tradition since 2009, some have called them “The Oscars Of Coffee.” We call them The Sprudgie Awards, and we are officially in thick of #Sprudgies season here on episode 31 of the Coffee Sprudgecast. After two weeks of an open nominations process, we announced the nominees earlier this week across a dozen categories. Voting is officially underway for nominees from around the world, and we’re discussing them all in this week’s edition of the Coffee Sprudgecast. Sprudge founders Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen are joined for this week’s festivities by South Sound ingenue Murphy Maxwell, who so glamorously presents our nominees in categories such as:

Notable Roaster!

Best Coffee Writing!

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Nicest Package!

Notable Producer!

Best New Cafe!


And many more, including brand new categories like Best Coffee Podcast and Finest Coffee Event, and our most prestigious annual honor, the award for Outstanding Achievement in The Field of Excellence. A complete list of past Sprudgie Award winners is available for your perusal here, and if there’s a name or two you think is missing from this year’s noms, your ballot has room for write-ins—so don’t boo, vote! Thank you for listening to this week’s episode of the Coffee Sprudgecast. Now let’s talks Sprudgies.

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