Want to science up your morning coffee? Maybe trying centrifuging it with a new home coffee brewer called the Spinn.

Demoed last week at TechCrunch’s startup showcase/competition Disrupt NY, the Spinn works by spinning coffee (duh) anywhere between 2,000 and 6,000 RPM, forcing water through the coffee bed to create the brew. The centrifuge is such an efficient means of passing water through coffee that the spent grounds are completely dry after the brew is complete.

The new coffee gadget touts the ability to make anything from espresso to French press, made possible through adjustments in the centrifuge’s RPM and the internal conical burr grinder’s particle size.

The Spinn has a handful of other features–like the aforementioned unbypass-able internal grinder—that may elicit a range of responses from “Neat!” to “Why, what a terrible idea, why?” The “Smart Hopper” also has a sensor that detects when the Spinn is running low on coffee and can send a message to the phone app (because of course it has an app) to automatically order more coffee from a roaster of your choosing (that is also part of Spinn’s online marketplace). From the demo and select screengrabs, it appears roasters like Parlor Coffee, Toby’s Estate, and Stumptown are taking part.

Once you get the order, you just “upload it to the reservoir,” which is Spinn co-founder Serge de Warrimont’s way of saying “to put beans in the hopper” that also sounds like a TechCrunch-y euphemism for something you couldn’t sell on iTunes.

Centrifugal brewer, grinder, subscription service: the Spinn does a lot of things, more than I really care for, but the core technology seems like it could represent one version of a dare-I-say “disruptive” step forward in the way coffee is brewed.

The Spinn is on pre-order here for $299 (normally priced at $499) with an expected ship date in mid-Spring 2017.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

*top image via TechCrunch