17 Excellent Geeky Details At The New Intelligents...

17 Excellent Geeky Details At The New Intelligentsia NYC Cafe

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Photos! Blurbs! Instantly shareable, wearable, and almost unbearable – it’s SprudgeFeed! Welcome to the next generation of Internet Journalism. Our dedicated New York City staff writer Alex Bernson (@AlexBernson) teams up with legendary photographer Ben Spell (@BenSpell) – to bring us these drool-inducing shots of Intelligentsia‘s brand new bar in Chelsea, NYC. 

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17. It’s all about simplicity, strength, and polished edges.

And the coffee is delicious!

16. The for-here (to-stay) service is beautiful.

Italian in its approachability. Stand anywhere! Hang out! Get nasty!

15. It was inspired by classic Italian espresso bars. Mosey on up and order anywhere!

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14. The only condiments are white sugar, half & half, Natvia, honey and simple syrup.


13. The espresso bar makes it super easy for the barista to work clean.

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12. The brew bar takes center stage.


11. It’s got a radically simple menu – half of which is dedicated to tea.


10. Their tea service is legit. Learn more about Kilogram here – they’re the new tea brand servicing Intelli Chelsea. 


9. Seriously this tea service is like, too legit. You want to drink this tea!


8. They dial in each brew method at the start of every shift, starting with cupping before they open.

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7. They’re filter brewing with some Kalita Wave realness.


6. They’re also using super-serious Ohaus Valor 3000 Extreme – W scales.

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5. It’s in the brand new Highline Hotel.

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4. The Highline Hotel is basically Hogwarts.


3. It’s like six blocks away from where Samantha Jones lived.


2. Their munchie bars are from Mah-Ze-Dahr bakery. Hollerable.

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1. They ain’t done yet girl. 60 seats and an outdoor bar are going out front here by summer’s end! Rest assured, when they’re done will be sitting there in the shade and telling you alllll about the tea.

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