In less than a week’s time, Pokemon Go has captured the imaginations and social media feeds of Millennials across the globe (and pre- and cusp-Mellennials, and their children, and also much older people who are trying to stay hip and/or hang out with their kids). The hot new mobile app is succeeding where so many workout apps have tried and ultimately failed: it’s getting people off their lazy rumps and out into the world. Now, whenever you see a gaggle of people huddled around a statue staring at their phones, you don’t think “Look up, Losers! There’s a whole big world out there!” but rather “Is there an Eevee over here?! That little Jigglypuff is cute af!”

To get people out of their houses and to interesting spots around their cities—statues, parks, murals, etc.—Pokemon Go has made these sights into PokeStops and players are rewarded with XP and various in-game necessities for visiting them. And as luck would have it, some of these PokeStops are next to (or even inside) really great coffee bars. Now you can fill up on Poke Balls while you’re getting your caffeine levels in order for that five-kilometer incubation walk you’ve got planned.

Here are 10 of the country’s best cafes that double as PokeStops.

Dinosaur Coffee — Los Angeles

dinosaur coffee la-L1340068

Solutions! Audio Mural

Blue Bottle — Los Angeles (Arts District)

blue bottle beverly boulevard los angeles la coffee sprudge

Heisenburg Mural (Willow and Mateo St)

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Slate Coffee — Seattle


Brimmer and Heeltap, across the street from Slate’s original cafe.

Victrola Coffee Roasters — Seattle (Beacon Hill)

coffee seattle guide sprudge
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Death Wears A Rose Mural near the cafe at 3215 Beacon Ave. S.

Stumptown Coffee (original location) — Portland


The original Stumptown location at 4525 SE Division is a PokeStop.

Heart Coffee — Portland


Beneath the enormous “bull” sign just east of the 2211 SE Burnside location.

Everyman Espresso (original location) — New York City


Dinpsaur Moon mural at the corner of E 13th & 3rd

Toby’s Estate — New York City (Fifth Avenue)


At 156 5th Ave in Brooklyn.

Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters — Chicago (Wicker Park)

joe lieske intelligentsia logan square-2

At the nearby “Petrified Wood Mural”

Ipsento — Chicago

chicago 606 parks the bloomingdale trail map room buzz killer espresso bang bang pies and biscuits ipsneto la colombe toms cup & spoon sprudge

The 2035 N Western Avenue location is a PokeStop.

Truly, you’ve got to catch them all.

And thus concludes our duty to write a Pokemon Go story on this, Monday the 11th of July 2016, the day every editor on earth had to figure out how to incorporate this trend into a feature. Long live Pokémon Go and thank you for reading Sprudge.  

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