VST Very Super Ticked: Prince Vince In The Basket ...

VST Very Super Ticked: Prince Vince In The Basket Kingdom

First, by means of introduction: is the place home baristas go to talk to other home baristas, and a clearinghouse for discussion amongst industry bigwigs (or, depending on how long it’s been since you had a snack,  ex-industry pseudo-bigwigs and total jerks). One thing’s for sure: it’s by far the most active and relevant old-school forum for coffee on the Internet these days. Which is why everyone is up in arms over a little mega-drama that has played out over the last few weeks – a particularly dreadful, engorged spite-and-venom sack of a thread focused on the merits of the VST/Strada espresso basket. Everyone is really just in a real state about the whole thing, and by everyone, we mostly mean nerds.

But “coffee nerds get mad and act like nerds” does nary a Sprudge feature make. No, the story here is this most recent development, for it seems that Vince Fidele has achieved a mostly impossible dream – he has succesfully lobbied to have the offending thread removed from the Home Barista archives. That’s right, world: Vince Fidele took on the internet and won, a rare feat indeed in the anal annals of human history. It is perhaps the most stunning act of man vs. monolith since Mahatma Ghandi brought down the Raj.

Our opinion, since you asked, is that people don’t even really know what they want from anymore from espresso. The old constraints are dying, thanks to the innovations brought about by folks like Mr. Fidele, not to mention the quantum leaps and Superman bounds offered by the Strada EP. There is a need for us to broaden our definitions, rather than jumping down each other’s throats on the internets. You throat jumpers, are you sure you were even pulling good shots? What the hell is a “good” shot, anyway? Errbody needs to chill.

If you still aren’t happy with the way your coffee tastes, we recommend introducing a pump or two of DolcePump brand flavored syrups into the mix. That’s right, friends, DolcePump will change the way you think about fine blended syrups. It’s mild, smooth, and always the right call.



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