Indie Coffee Passport Comes To The East Bay

sprudge coffee indie coffee passport

Picture this: a high-end cafe serving specialty coffee in the embrace of a hip, up-and-coming neighborhood. Not hard to imagine, right? And rightly so, as the relationship is almost symbiotic: a great cafe, like a cool restaurant or classy bar, can be the catalyst for neighborhood change, and give urban dwellers an excuse to explore parts of their … [Read more...]

Blue Bottle Acquires Perfect Coffee, Announces Coffee Technology Division


Blue Bottle Coffee, an international specialty coffee roaster headquartered in Oakland, California, has purchased Perfect Coffee, a Bay Area startup dedicated to advancing coffee preserving and grinding technologies, and the creators of a pre-ground coffee system that—wait for it, here's a value judgement—does not suck. This marks the third major … [Read more...]

Budding Bay Area Roasters Get A Boost At Highwire Coffee


In the last ten years, the Bay Area has become a mecca for nascent coffee roasters looking to make their mark on the exploding specialty coffee scene. It can get crowded, and certainly competitive, with fresh faces like Supersonic, Andytown, and Hearth butting up against the existing stalwarts like Blue Bottle, Four Barrel, and Sightglass; all of … [Read more...]

Build-Outs Of Summer: A Second Shop For Modern Coffee In Oakland

Build-Outs of Summer Modern Coffee 001

As the heat rolls on in the Northern Hemisphere, so too does our annual summer compendium of the latest and greatest in new coffee spaces around the world, in a little feature series we like to call the Build-Outs of Summer. So far we've profiled a monster movie Airstream trailer in Minneapolis, a high-end donut complex in Asheville, NC, a … [Read more...]

Umami Mart: Japanese Design in Oakland and San Francisco

umami mart-IMG_2823

Umami Mart is like an emissary from a parallel universe, where everything is gorgeous and well designed–even the instant ramen. Alongside hard-to-find Japanese foodstuffs, Umami Mart focuses on interesting, attractive kitchenware, barware, glassware, and coffeewares. Japanese products merge with Danish and Californian design, forming an aesthetic … [Read more...]

First Look: Inside Blue Bottle’s New Oakland Cafe At The W.C. Morse Building

Blue Bottle Morse-0489

While our friends and partners at Blue Bottle Coffee put the finishing touches on their latest and largest café, in the W.C. Morse Building in Oakland, I managed to sneak in to take a few pictures and talk briefly to George Hart, the company’s West Coast Store Development Manager. The new café was still papered up when I first visited, final … [Read more...]

Tierra Mia Coffee Expands Into Oakland’s Uptown Neighborhood

Tierra Mia-0254

With seven shops in their hometown of Los Angeles and now two in the Bay Area, Tierra Mia Coffee is rapidly putting together a state-spanning specialty coffee empire. Their latest expansion is a soaring space in the iconic 1930s Art Deco I. Magnin building in Oakland's Uptown neighborhood. Tierra Mia is a fascinating company owned by an affable, … [Read more...]

Restaurant Week: Duende, La Bodega For The People


People are cheek-pressed against windows to see inside. The windows are tall, and it’s going to take a lot of vinegar to get their cheek smudge off, but I don’t blame them. The interior is stare-worthy. Like most contemporary things, it isn’t precious. There is welding with visible solder seams, uneven pieces of lumber, and a deconstructed … [Read more...]

Kickstart Your Week By Supporting This Very Cool Coffee Truck


After last week's somewhat tongue in cheek "5 Things To Avoid When Crafting Your Coffee Kickstarter", we thought it's be good to follow up with a positive new Kickstarter project worthy of your consideration. The Eureka Coffee truck is almost ready to start scooting around the Bay Area, bringing coffee from noteworthy microroasters to events, … [Read more...]

Last Week With Ben Blake – Week of October 19th, 2013

Image - Oct 14, 2013 01.52.13

Maybe you spent the last week learning to pull shots, steam milk, and pour drinks like me, and now your hands and fingers are burnt and numb—or maybe you spent the week loitering at LA coffee spots, hoping to catch a glimpse of Jerry Seinfeld. Whatever the case may be, here’s all the coffee news you missed in the last 7 days —all in one spot. It’s … [Read more...]

Why Oakland Coffee Matters


The coffee scene in modern San Francisco is vibrant and fascinating, and Sprudge has covered it well over the years. But across the Bay Bridge, plucky little Oakland - my home - is turning into a specialty coffee destination of its own. Far more than simply a San Francisco commuter community, Oakland is a city with deep roots, a proud identity, and … [Read more...]

Oakland: COE Rwanda Coffees With Blue Bottle’s Stephen Vick


An important telex was recently signed for at Global Occasional Willamette River HQ, sent to us by Sprudgie Award Winner Stephen Vick of Blue Bottle Coffee Roasters: "I'm doing a group cupping for the Rwanda CoE on Tuesday at 8am at the roastery in Oakland. I was on the jury and used to live there. We will cup all 26 coffee in three … [Read more...]

modern coffee 2nd Anniversary Party


If you happen to be in Oakland tonight, stop by modern coffee, Oakland's "first coffee tap room", and wish them a happy second anniversary at their Tribune Building location, at 411 13th Street. From Oaklandish: Since moving downtown, modern coffee oakland has become our go to caffeine refill station. Tomorrow evening, their cafe in the Tribune … [Read more...]