A Micro-Guide To Food, Drinks, And Coffee In Los Angeles


In honor of the 2014 Big Western Regional Barista Championship, and in the tradition of similar guides we've published to Kansas City, Portland, Seattle, and more, we're proud to present today our micro-guide for Los Angeles visitors over Big Western weekend. But first, let's be up front about something: Los Angeles is not easily encapsulated in … [Read more...]

The Wonders of the Coffee Bacon Jam Burger at Eggslut

EggSlut LA-1310650

Chef Alvin Cailan's wildly popular Eggslut has recently graduated from food truck to full on all-day egg bar at Los Angeles' Grand Central Market. Eggslut has been a bit of a cult favorite among LA coffee aficionados thanks to the truck's roving tour outside some of the cities best cafes, and the affection is certainly mutual. To prove his love of … [Read more...]

Suite Shot: Coffee At The Los Angeles Ace Hotel

Stumptown DTLA Amparo-

The historic United Artists Theatre opened in 1927 in Downtown LA's Broadway theatre district. The stunning Spanish Gothic building was one of the first great temples to the film arts, though in recent years it had fallen somewhat into disrepair. But after a massive renovation by Commune Design and GREC Architects, this stunner is back as the … [Read more...]

We Talk Coffee With Project Runway’s Tim Gunn


December 26th-31th, Sprudge.com is revisiting some of our favorite stories from the very exciting past year in coffee. Enjoy! Our intrepid Hollywood reporter Julie Wolfson recently attended a grand opening gala at the Nespresso Boutique in Beverly Hills. In attendance was Nespresso brand ambassador and fashion icon Tim Gunn, who spoke to Sprudge … [Read more...]

Last Week With Ben Blake – Week of December 21st, 2013


Well, folks, it's Christmastime—and the only thing that could make your weekend anymore Christmas-y is a healthy dose of the latest coffee news here on Sprudge. In case you were out living a life of merriment and caroling, here's what you missed: Chicago: The second part of Alex Bernson's Chicago Coffee Crawl in which Mr. Bernson visits … [Read more...]

Last Week With Ben Blake – Week of September 28th, 2013


I just spent the past seven days binge-watching three seasons-worth of Breaking Bad episodes to try to catch up in time for tomorrow’s grand finale. Maybe you did too, or maybe you were just too busy living a healthy, non-addictive lifestyle. Whatever the case may be, I’ve cooked up a handy little recap of all the latest coffee news featured on … [Read more...]

Cruising Koreatown With Eater’s Matthew Kang


Hazelnut lattes. Massive comfortable lounges. K-Pop videos. These are just a few of the things I experienced on a recent tour of Koreatown with my friend (and Associate Editor at Eater LA) Matthew Kang. The day was a crash course in modern Korean coffee culture, influenced by the exploding scene in Seoul but utterly rooted to the Koreatown … [Read more...]

A Cavalcade Of Stunning New Stumptown LA Photos

The public-facing Chemex service station.

Back in August, Sprudge.com brought you the world's first look inside the brand new LA Arts District cafe from Stumptown Coffee Roasters. There was only so much we could show you then, photo-wise, as the cafe was still a few weeks out from opening, like a proverbial pie still cooling on the window sill. But now the world is ready to take a great … [Read more...]

Last Week With Ben Blake – Week Of September 7th, 2013


It’s been another busy week in coffee, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned since I started here at Sprudge, it’s that the Sprudge Machine never sleeps. It just keeps on going, and there’s a pretty good chance you missed something this week. That’s okay, I’ve got you covered—here’s a whole week’s worth of coffee content, rolled up into a nice, … [Read more...]

World’s First Look Inside Stumptown LA


You've seen it teased by Eater LA, Zagat, LA Times, and The Daily Meal, but Sprudge.com is first in the world to bring you exclusive photos and details from inside Stumptown Coffee Roasters' new Los Angeles cafe. The space itself is a whomping 7,000 square feet, located at 806 S. Santa Fe Ave, in the Arts District of Los Angeles. Stumptown will … [Read more...]

Last Week With Ben Blake – Week of July 27th, 2013


Here’s all the coffee news you missed in the last 7 days —all in one spot. It’s like a really wonderful vanilla latte at Sterling Coffee in PDX on a cool summer morning. B4B Update: We caught up with Joe NYC manager and longtime specialty coffee person Carrie Webster to find out how she’s doing since she was diagnosed with breast cancer back in … [Read more...]

LA: Our Interview With Tyler Stonebreaker, Real Estate Mogul To The Coffee Stars


At some point around a decade ago - let's say it was the 90s, that decade is very cool right now - the Arts District in Los Angeles, just east of Little Tokyo, started to become a destination of sorts for restaurants and galleries, mostly concentrated on Vignes and Traction streets. The neighborhood doesn't look like any popular conception of Los … [Read more...]

Last Week With Ben Blake – Week Of July 13th, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 9.16.55 AM

Maybe you spent the last week arguing glassware and drinking vessels on Twitter, or maybe you were just too busy enjoying your coffee and the people around you. Whatever the case may be, here’s all the coffee news you missed in the last 7 days —all in one spot. It’s like a brandy snifter, only way less pretentious. Relief: Our friends and … [Read more...]

Sprudge Announces City “Desks” In London, LA, NYC and Melbourne


We're excited today to announce the coming global empire of Sprudge.com "desk" writers. These paid members of the Sprudge.com team will be bringing you the very best in coffee coverage from a roster of cities around the world. As specialty coffee grows, so too does the craft of writing about specialty coffee. With our new team of city desks, … [Read more...]

LA: Glanville & Babinski’s New Coffee Bar Opens at Grand Central Market


After a storied six-month residency at Sqirl, Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski have opened their first stand alone G&B location at Grand Central Market (GCM) in downtown Los Angeles. This extra long coffee bar flanks the Hill Street side of the historic marketplace that opened in 1917 selling produce, pupusas, and agua frescas to the … [Read more...]

LA: Julie Wolfson’s Epic Crush On Single Origin / Short Cake


This is the story of how one Los Angeles bakery created the coffee bar of their dreams. Walking the stalls of the historic Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax in Los Angeles, the aisles are filled with stalls that have been in the market for decades, stretching all the way back to the 1940s. These include butcher shops, Bob’s Coffee and Donuts, … [Read more...]