So This Is Swedish Coffee, Right?

No, the above advertisement isn’t one of those “too-hot-for-the-USA” commercials from Europe. This was spotted on Palm Springs local channel 12, whilst attempting to hide from the 1pm sun and catch a little “Judge Joe Brown”. The corporate ogres at Gevalia are employing our nation’s greatest weakness – tow-headed hunks – to advertise the wonders of Swedish coffee to the American daytime TV audience.

For those of you unfamiliar with Gevalia, a Sweden-based wholly owned subsidiary of Kraft Foods, you can learn more by reading their Wiki or by checking out their official website. There’s a whole world of these ridiculous Gevalia commercials for you to peruse on Youtube, should you so desire, or if you ever need a reality check that there is swill in Scandinavia, too.

We look forward to the day when Tim Wendelboe shows up on American daytime TV, threatening to knock boots with our frazzled businesswomen.

Here’s some hunks from these dumb commercials, cos well, at least there’s that:

Ay chihuahua.



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