These Olympic Divers Are Pooping Espresso

These Olympic Divers Are Pooping Espresso

Let’s face facts, people: We all have Olympic fever. Olympic internet memes are spinning out of control, invading our Facebook feeds, our Pinterest boards, our office cubicles, each one threatening precious seconds of productivity time. And that’s not to mention the late-night Olympics binges, our sudden cultural expertise in handball and the like, and an uptick in good old competitive nationalism.

So we of course had to create a meme of our own, a meme that is so outrageous, so questionably appropriate, that we’re giving you, dear reader, every opportunity to opt out on this content as you scroll down the page. What follows are photoshopped images Olympic divers pooping espresso shots, and they aren’t for the faint of heart. It’s not that these photos are “NSFW” (they are safely pixelated), it’s that they’re not for the weak willed. You can safely click “back” now, and go read about us mocking that Eater guy some more for queening out on his Tumblr.




Still with us? Good. You’re about to see photos Olympic divers pooping espresso.




Yes, you are indeed perilously close to witnessing Olympic divers…



…as they spin, twirl, and yes, poop…



…whole shots of espresso.



What you’re about to see cannot be unseen. You have been fairly warned!







Why do we do things like this? They’re for you, dear readers. We’re here for the 99%, and that means you, and most importantly, for you, our readers, who are us. I guess you could say this post is kind of a love letter to you, all who has been, and has been since. We’re your number one fan!


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