HuffPost: “Will Energy Patches Replace Your Coffee Enema?”


That’s right folks. That’s what Arianna Huffington’s website wants to know. Or at least, that’s the question that The Huffington Post’s “Crime and Weird News” editor Andy Campbell has rhetorically imposed upon the world.

We didn’t make up that headline:

It’s Monday afternoon, and you’re like us, so you’ve already taken 14 cups of coffee and a sugary Red Bull straight to the dome.

You’re a fierce energy addict, and you want all the buzz of a red-eye without the pound-packing sugar of energy drinks or the bathroom break-inducing effects of coffee. Well, energy patches are here, and Spot On Energy claims to be the answer to all your important caffeine woes.

Pouches of two of the energy supplements, which look a lot like a nicotine patch, go for about $4 at your local CVS and Walgreens. But do they work?

Find out, only on Huffington Post.


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