Cupping With The Stars: Jennifer Aniston & Ju...

Cupping With The Stars: Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Get Nasty

Jennifer Aniston and her new boy toy Justin Theroux got coffees in Kauai. But what exactly did they order? We asked coffee expert Dr. Sprudgely for the inside scoop.

“On first glance, they appear to be drinking some sort of wretched coconut frappe or something. But on further inspection, I believe they ordered iced cappuccinos with hot steamed froth on top. Or, worse, they requested that the barista make their hot cappuccinos over ice. Thanks for the e-mail.

Love and kisses, Dr. Eduardo M. Sprudgely”

Thanks, Doc Sprudgely – we can always count on you for sound advice. (P.S. – The “M” stands for ‘Mocha Mocha’.)


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