Where Have All The Seattle Grumps Gone?

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  Seattle Weekly recently published a piece on the rebirth of Seattle Coffee, highlighting Andrew Milstead's company (Milstead & Co) and the folks at Slate Coffee. In it, the reporter reaches out to Kent Bakke (La Marzocco), Bronwen Serna, plus former Seattleites Ryan Brown (Tonx.org) and Trish Rothgeb (Wrecking Ball Coffee … [Read more...]

Hamilton Nolan’s Coffee Feature Loses On Split Decision


It must be said right up front: we are huge Hamilton Nolan fans, and have been following his work with Gawker for the last five years, which might as well be five decades in blogger time. Therefore, taking umbrage with Mr. Nolan for writing a dismissive feature on "off-putting and obsessed coffee snobs" is absurd. Or is it? It isn't. Hamilton … [Read more...]

Ozersky’s Exertions: Specialty Coffee Ragged In TIME


The man who literally wrote the book on Archie Bunker has become him. Josh Ozersky's latest article for TIME Magazine is titled "The Perils of Coffee Snobbery." Mr. Ozersky was once on the very forefront of modern culinary journalism, and has the James Beard Award to prove it, but soft! How swift the tides of time can change. Mr. Ozersky's … [Read more...]

Leighton Up: Has Bean Punts On Direct Trade Model


There's only one Stephen Leighton, the human dynamo responsible Tamper Tantrum, Tamper Tantrum Live (it's like TED for coffee!), and Has Bean, a quality-focused wholesale coffee roasters based in Stafford, UK. Mr. Leighton recently published an editorial on Direct Trade and why Has Bean is moving away from the DT model. This editorial is edgy, … [Read more...]

Village Voice: Barista Gets Nasty, Should Find Another Job


Spotted via our alt weekly waiver wire: Barista/tortured writer Shane Barnes sounds off in the Village Voice about a service person's expectations of customer interactions. Mr. Barnes sets the bar pretty high. While it's certainly not the first "I hate my customers" rant in the history of man, it is perhaps the first set of guidelines for … [Read more...]