“Something Has To Change” — Reflections On Coffee Leaf Rust

LTR Pacas Visist-1010629

Sprudge.com assistant editor Alex Bernson recently attended the 2013 Let's Talk Coffee and Let's Talk Roya conferences in El Salvador, produced by our friends and partners at Sustainable Harvest. Up above is a short video introduction to these events. Below are Mr. Bernson's editorial takeaways on the dominant narrative at the conferences: the … [Read more...]

Designing Coffee Innovation: Stanford d.school at Let’s Talk Coffee

LTC d school export-1010378

Sprudge.com assistant editor Alex Bernson is currently in El Salvador, covering and participating in Sustainable Harvest's annual Let's Talk Coffee conference.   If there's one message that Let’s Talk Coffee has made clear to me, it’s that addressing the challenges facing specialty coffee most definitely requires creative new approaches, and … [Read more...]

Let’s Look In At Let’s Talk Coffee, Happening Now In El Salvador

Lets Talk Coffee-1010252

Sprudge.com assistant editor Alex Bernson is attending the 2013 edition of Let's Talk Coffee, Sustainable Harvest's annual conference on coffee production and culture in Latin America. This year's event is taking place right now in El Salvador. We join Mr. Burnson via ethernet connection from LTC 2013.  Sustainable Harvest's David Griswold … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk Roya In El Salvador: We’ll Be There, Will You?

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Some annual events are worth coming back to. In Fall 2012 we traveled to Antioquia, Colombia, to attend the 10th annual Let's Talk Coffee event presented by Sustainable Harvest. We hosted a panel that featured some of the brightest minds in specialty coffee, cupped a lot of coffee (including some robusta), and learned a thing or two (or five) about … [Read more...]

Medellin: Sprudge at Let’s Talk Coffee!


It's true! We're reporting to you live from beautiful Medellin, Colombia, where the mornings are clear and cool, and the evenings pop with cloudy zaps of lightning. We've traveled here as guests of Sustainable Harvest, to take part in the 10th anniversary of their annual Let's Talk Coffee conference, an event that brings together producers, … [Read more...]