The Most Delicious Bake Sale Ever Just Happened In Melbourne


The inaugural Flour Market happened last Saturday in the fair town of Melbourne, and boy oh boy was it successful. What is the Flour Market, you ask? It’s a unique event curated by Everyday Coffee in collaboration with the extraordinary creative venue Magic Johnston and Open Season, bringing together some of Melbourne’s best boutique bakers and … [Read more...]

Look At This Beautiful Apartment Right Now


Jonathan Rubinstein, owner and founder of Joe in New York City, has been featured in the latest installment of Apartment Therapy. We've featured World Cup Taster Champion Cory Andreen's A.T. write-up, and our LA desk chief Julie Wolfson has been on A.T. previously as well. Now it's Jonathan's turn. Just look at this amazing living … [Read more...]

Solberg & Hansen: A Visual Odyssey In Oslo


Sprudge contributor Joanna Han recently spent a whirlwind fortnight in Scandinavia, visiting a wide variety of cool shops and reporting back to us with photos and notes. Her first feature highlighted Drop Coffee in Sweden, and today it's a photo tour of Solberg & Hansen in Oslo. The photos above begin with images of Solberg & Hansen, … [Read more...]

Fables Of The Reconstruction: Coffee Charm At Hugh Acheson’s New 5&10


The 5&10 is chef Hugh Acheson's iconic flagship restaurant in Athens, Georgia, and it's recently undergone a pretty serious revitalization, moving from its original location on South Lumpkin Street (opened in 2000) to an historic home on nearby South Milledge. For those who might be unfamiliar, Mr. Acheson is kind of a big deal - he's won Food … [Read more...]

Wait, No, Is THIS The World’s Smallest Cafe?


A true "microcafe" in the mold of Montreal's La Distributrice, meet Hawaii's brand new Central Cafe, located inside the First Hawaiian Bank in Honolulu. It's got it all - a La Marzocco Strada, pour overs, a Bonmac halogen syphon bar, and training/consulting from Blue Bottle Coffee. More from Honolulu Magazine: Max and Mary Suiter transformed the … [Read more...]

Robusta Move: AOL Says Omwani Coffee “Best Cup In Uganda”


David Farley of The Gadling (owned by AOL) is calling Omwani Coffee "The Best Cup In Uganda." The coffee is grown on site, where it's harvested, roasted, and hand-ground by the members of the Kyambura Women's Coffee Cooperative. The Omwani Blend is comprised of 70% Robusta and 30% Arabica coffee. Nicole Simmons, the founder of the cooperative … [Read more...]

NYC: Bikini Bar Cafe Opens, Baristas Fully Clothed


New York City's newest espresso shop, the Bikini Bar Cafe, is now open for business in Manhattan at 148c Duane Street. Originally a surf shop and furniture emporium trading in retro-tiki stylings, Bikini Bar Cafe is the work of Danielle Glasky, 2010 Northeast Regional Barista Competition champ and a longtime Cafe Grumpy employee. She's serving … [Read more...]

Is This The Smallest Cafe In North America?


La Distributrice is an eentsy-weentsy lilliputian little cafe in Montreal, and they've got design blogs buzzing for ier smart branding and smaller-than-average package. We can't stop drooling! According to social media outlets, the space had previously been a number of businesses, but La Distributrice is going strong and approaching its one year … [Read more...]

Chicago: Bow Truss Coffee Company Holiday Market


Bow Truss Coffee Company, one of several exciting new coffee roasters to open in Chicago this year, are celebrating the holiday season by hosting a stacked roster of Chicago boutique purveyors at their Lakeview neighborhood HQ (2934 N Broadway). It's an event called the Bow Truss Holiday Market, and we want to go to there. More from Bow … [Read more...]

London: A Whole Year of Coffee With DunneFrankowski


This coming Friday, December 7th, Londoners would do well to check out an innovative exhibition event at Protein by DunneFrankowski (18 Hewett Street, Shoreditch). Here's more on this Friday's event from the duo: This show shall celebrate a year in the life of our tiny coffee bar based in Shoreditch at 18 Hewett Street. Over the past year we have … [Read more...]

St. Louis: Hold The Cream! Half & Half’s New Full Service Cuppings


We keep a little running list of cafes around the world we're dying to visit, and towards the top of that list is Half & Half in St. Louis, Missouri. It's a lovely looking farm-to-table restaurant with a very serious multiroaster coffee program, run by 2012 South Central Brewers Cup champ Mike Marquard. Their menu is pretty unique; cupping … [Read more...]

London: Velopresso’s Coffee Pedal Power


Readers, do not attempt to adjust your monitor! What your are seeing above is absolutely real. Meet Velopresso, an award-winning design concept from Amos Field Reid and Lasse Oiva, both recent graduates from London's Royal College of Art. A glance at their sponsor roll reveals co-branding with Londinium Espresso and Monmouth Coffee, so odds are … [Read more...]

Pop Up, Stay Put: Wrecking Ball Roasters Has A Permanent Coffeebar


Trish Rothgeb and Nick Cho, the dynamic duo behind Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, have officially signed documents for their very first real-live stay-put coffeebar in San Francisco. Located inside gallery and event space Firehouse 8 (1648 Pacific Ave), the building owners have big plans for the future. Trish tells Sprudge, "Firehouse 8 is building … [Read more...]

Winnipeg: Parlour Coffee’s Moment In The Sun


To our list of must-visit-but-haven't-yet shops in the North American Midwest - and there are several, with a full listing below - we have now added Winnpeg, Manitoba's Parlour Coffee, who were recently featured in this charming short film by Jeremie and Janelle Wookey for the Winnipeg Spectator Tribune. Serving three of the finest Candian … [Read more...]