Chocolate Dipped Glazed Donut Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches


You read the headline correctly. Chocolate dipped glazed donut coffee ice cream sandwiches (CDGDCICS) are totes real, and they look completely ridiculously #deloshes. Here's more from TasteSpotting, to whom we must give 100% full credit for this shameless and blatant reblog: The full recipe is available over at TasteSpotting, which is … [Read more...]

Something To Chew On: Dunkin’ Serves Up Donut Breakfast Sandwich


Coffee market leader Dunkin' Donuts have unveiled their newest gustable -the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich - in select in test markets. Many coffee professionals are about to embark on a journey to eastern Massachusetts, where those test-kitchens just happen to be. had the scoop, and asked a Dunkin' Donuts representative, "Why make a … [Read more...]

Baltimore: Artifact Coffee’s Dope Dinner Service


During the Northern Hemisphere's warm months of 2012, we profiled a number of shops under the banner of "Build Outs of Summer" - the idea being, there's all these fascinating projects getting constructed when the weather's nice and it stays light later, so why not show 'em off and get folks excited for new cafes? One of last summer's featured … [Read more...]

Donut And Coffee Pairings: Beautifully Drawn, Zero Pretension


A few years back we wrote about the majesty and beauty that is a 3AM visit to Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, for the divine pairing of chicory coffee and powder sugar drenched beignets. And during the Fruit Bombs and Fermentation tour with Counter Culture Coffee, did the entire van get a dozen donuts to pair with some Dunkin' Donuts Hazelnut Coffee? … [Read more...]

A Seattle Dining (And Drinking And Coffee) Guide


This guide is the latest in our series of dining and conviviality guides geared around the traveling United States Barista Championship circuit. It is in no way the end all be all to how you should approach Seattle's food and fun scene, and we highly, highly recommend that you avail yourself of further information from any number of fine … [Read more...]

6 Coffee and Apple Pairings From Gimme! Coffee

espresso apple

The bright minds at Gimme! Coffee in New York got together and found perfect pairings for their coffees and different varieties of Indian Creek Farm apples. From the Gimme! Blog, coffee trainer and barista competitor Liz Clark writes, "Both coffees and apples are simple and complex, we looked at acidity, taste, sweetness and physical sensations, … [Read more...]

Taste Test: Cappuccino Crunch, A Coffee Flavored Cereal


Do you start your day off right with a heaping bowl of Cocoa Puffs and a big old pot of coffee? Do you ever wish you could put coffee and Cocoa Puffs together? What's wrong with you? Can't you be happy with what you have? Don't you think you've got enough already? Of course you don't. You want it all. Thanks to a man named Michael Abrams, now … [Read more...]