Brett Walker’s Unnerving Sausage Fest

Brett Walker is a seasoned barista competitor (he competed in multiple USBC regionals from 2007-2009 for Zoka) and visual artist. He collaborated with Ian Hunter Anderson (star of “Shit Baristas Say”, whose musical output as Guidance Counselor has been profiled on Sprudge) for this 15 minute video, entitled “Sausage Fest”. It’s a visual feast of manliness, sausage stuffing, and human will. If you’re hungry, after watching this fifteen minute video from start to finish we can guarantee you won’t be.

Brett’s visual work ranges from beautiful portraiture to bizarre and unusual tableau. Below are a few examples of BW’s still work. Check out more of BW’s non-coffee work here.

Coffee Filter Hat, 2007

Relieving Mystic Truths, 2011

What If He Got Bigger and I Got Smaller, 2007

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