BREAKING: BGA Now Offers Health Insurance Benefits

Breaking via the BGA Blogspot, more than a year’s worth of hard work made possible by a joint effort between the BGA Executive Council and the Specialty Coffee Association of America:

BGA members now have the opportunity to purchase Health Insurance at discounted rates through access to a group provider. Our partner is Association Health Programs (AHP), who offer access to top notch health insurance programs nationwide. They currently represent 2.5 million people which helps bring down the cost for individuals, like our members. The BGA is excited to offer this opportunity to our members because we realize that they don’t always have access to health insurance through their employers and that buying insurance on your own can be expensive. If you are interested in this benefit please contact to get all the info.

All credit should go to the BGA Executive Council and the SCAA, but especially to Scott Lucey, Jason Dominy, Marcus Boni, Dan Streetman and Mansi Chokshi. You can read more about these new member benefits, including a FAQ, via the BGA Blogspot.


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