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advert but first coffee cookbook now available


We think you’ll love this new tote bag now available in the Sprudge Shop! This natural color 100% cotton canvas tote bag celebrates Amalie Auguste Melitta Bentz, who invented the coffee filter in 1908.

Here’s a snippet of history from the Melitta website:

A piece of blotting paper from her son Willy’s exercise book gave her the simple idea of filtering out the unpleasant coffee grounds with the aid of a filter and some paper. She experimented with a brass pot peppered with holes on the bottom and on June 20, 1908 she laid the foundation for her subsequent business: the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin awarded Melitta Bentz patent protection for her “coffee filter with rounded and recessed bottom perforated by slanting flow-through holes” and using “filter paper”.

Get your very own Amalie Auguste Melitta Bentz tote today for 10% off using the promo code MELITTA. Supplies are limited so act fast, and join us again next week for another Sprudge Shop Highlight!

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