The United States has joined the International Women’s Coffee Alliance. Announced yesterday, December 9th by the IWCA Twitter account, the United States becomes as the latest chapter of the global foundation working toward “empower women in the international coffee community to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives.”

With 27 chapters in total now, the IWCA’s work is based primarily in producing countries in Africa, Asia, and Central and South America: Ethiopia, Rwanda, Vietnam, Indonesia, El Salvador, Guatemala, amongst others. The United States, operating under the moniker of the US Women in Coffee Association, enters the IWCA as a consuming country partner, joining the likes of Australia, Germany, and Japan. Founded by chapter president Renee Espinoza, the US Women in Coffee will “support and advocate for the sustainable growth of women in coffee through collaborative partnerships that pursue equity, prioritize mutual benefits, and result in a positive impact” through “proactive efforts, focused attention, and education.”

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Though the US Women in Coffee Association has been around since 2019, it was not until the announcement was made that the group was ratified as part of the IWCA. Per the USWiC website, the effort to join the international coalition was undertaken by the Organizing Committee, consisting of Launtia Taylor of Taylor-Gentles, Carrie Stein of Coffee House Café, Patricia Schoenbach of Excelco Trading L.P., Mansi Chokshi of Specialty Coffee Association, and Jenni Morse of Simplipress.

Still very much a young organization, the US chapter of the IWCA is actively seeking new members to help expand the breadth of their mission, both within the country and as part of the global network at large. For more information or to join, visit the US Women in Coffee Association official website.

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