The 2015 SCAA Event is happening this weekend in Seattle, Washington. A kind of E3 for the coffee world, this trade show is home to huge product launches, exciting new technology, and pop-up cafes aplenty featuring top coffee roasters from around the world. Here’s a look at a few of the pop-ups catching our eye so far at SCAA 2015.

BKON w/ Rishi Tea

Where: Skybridge – Level 4 / Booth 5017


The BKON won best new product at last year’s event, and this year they’re rolling out next-level “flavored coffee” tech using organic ingredients and some serious brewing technology. BKON’s 75-90 second brew process utilizes a top vortex to create a “super-bloom” to degas and draw the CO2 out of the coffee/flavor mixture and brew a subtly constructed signature drink or just a great cup of coffee or tea. It’s getting accolades from coffee luminaries and respected businesses in the coffee industry:

“We tested the eye-catching BKON brewer over several days and found it easy to operate, and to dial-in strength and extraction. Our team is truly impressed with its ability to produce such exceptionally silky bodied coffee with excellent acidity and flavor.” – George Howell


Who’s it for? Technology wonks, closet flavored coffee fans, tea types. 

Caffe D’arte Pop-Up Cafe
Atrium/South Lobby – Level 4, convention hours, 8 to 5 each day


If the BKON is cutting edge new school, this D’arte pop-up is delightfully old school. Offering the Firenze traditional Italian espresso blend as well as the Fabriano Alderwood flame roasted espresso blend.


Who’s it for? Classic espresso enthusiasts, Italian obsessives, actual Italian people. 

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Crop to Cup Pop-Up Cafe
Atrium/South Lobby – Level 4, Convention hours daily


Offering both casual tastings as well as full cupping previews of new coffees currently in the process of being imported by Crop To Cup. They’re hosting events throughout the weekend, including a “meet the producers” format hang with folks from Ethiopia on Saturday morning.


Who’s it for? If you’re looking for origin & producer experiences at SCAA, this is a fine place to start (but just scratching the surface!).

La Marzocco Home Pop-Up Cafe
Skybridge – Level 4, 8 to 5 each day


Partnered with Acaia Scales, this pop-up is your chance to use and see the brand new Linea Mini as well as the brand new Acaia Lunar scale. Saturday’s calendar is chockablock with coffee stars, including G&B Coffee‘s Kyle Glanville and M’lissa Muckerman, the folks from San Francisco’s Linea Caffe, and Todd Carmichael of La Colombe Coffee.


Who’s it for? Fans of wee bitty espresso machines that pack a wallop, Mark Prince deniers, nerds.  

MmmHmm Coffee w/ Counter Culture Coffee Pop-Up Cafe
Skybridge/North Lobby – Level 4, 8 to 5 each day


MmmHmm is Seattle’s best little Counter Culture account, and they’re teamed up for the weekend at SCAA. Featuring Counter Culture Idido Yirgacheffe and Rosales Nariño Colombia espresso, plus filtered coffees all weekend and rotating morning & afternoon specialty drink menus.


Who’s it for? Sig drink lovers, Counter Culture Commodores. 


Modbar + Verve
Lectures Campus – TCC 3rd Floor

Modbar has partnered with Verve to offer 2 exclusive Colombian coffees. The Diyer Orozco is being offered as a pour over and the Albeiro Alvarado for espresso beverages. Both offerings are made using the beautiful Modbar machine setup.


8AM – 12:30PM Friday and Saturday
9:30AM – 12:30PM Sunday

Who’s it for? Anyone excited about exclusive coffees and sleek low-profile machines.


SCAA Member Driven Cafe
6th Floor Atrium

Serving Bunn batch brew, Chemex pour over, and Bhakti Chai. Coffee offerings will change throughout each day of the event, with featured roasters like SightglassHighwireBold Bean and Starbucks.


Who’s it for? Everyone! With a variety of coffee offerings throughout the day, keep coming back for maximum variety.

Photos by Charlie Burt for
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