No one should be exempt from having a good cup of coffee. People don’t have to be in the industry to have the privilege of tasting the most intricate, rich, and yet smooth cup of coffee in their life. They can be anyone. From a highly trained coffee roaster to a wide-eyed barista to a crazed coffee addict, everyone should have the opportunity to get their own MOMENTEM so that every day starts with the best cup of coffee.

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MOMENTEM™—a multi-step grinding, dual-burr hand grinder—is the first of its kind.

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It has arrived in all its grandeur and will revolutionize the coffee industry forever by pushing the hand grinding industry forward and stimulating more innovations to come. We invite anyone and everyone to join the ride and watch as the future of the coffee industry unfolds before all of us, all because of a hand grinder that creates a better cup profile in a shorter amount of time.

With all that being said, MOMENTEM is not here to replace everyone’s beloved grinders at home or coffee shops. Rather, MOMENTEM is here to remind people that there is potential for innovation within the manual grinding industry. The technological world is always improving, always making the next best thing. Why should that exclude the industry that makes everyone’s favorite beverage—coffee? MOMENTEM is just the beginning; let us celebrate the start to a new coffee era and bask in the potential of a brand new future.

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Now the real question: what is MOMENTEM?

MOMENTEM was designed for baristas, coffee fanatics, experts, and home brewers looking for something more in their coffee experience—more innovation, more functionality, more community.

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“The idea of a dual-burr grinder sounds very promising. A wide range of potentials is possible with dual grind adjustments. However, it will create extra challenges design-wise. That being said, we are optimistic about the MOMENTEM grinder. We can’t wait to get our hands on it and to share the feedback with everybody!” – Our Coffee Shelter Team (Video Creator, Coffee Expert)

Professional baristas and coffee champions like Czech champion Petra Střelecká and Japanese champion Miki Suzuki have experimented with two-step grinding for years and achieved outstanding results in the final cup quality. However, the amount of effort and extra time it took made the technique unattractive for everyday brewing. Firstly, when attempting regrinding using a regular grinder, one would need to grind the coffee coarse and then slowly feed the coarsely ground coffee back into the grinder for finer grounds.


Secondly, it requires a lot of cleaning. MOMENTEM is here to give the world the benefits of two-step grinding without the hassle, delivering more uniform particles while creating a balanced and clear taste—changing the way people brew forever.

MOMENTEM’s first burr set starts with a coarse grind size, between 600 and *3000 microns, quickly cutting the beans into smaller particles. The second burr set receives the ground coffee, which evenly regrinds the coffee into your target grind size anywhere from 100 to *1800 microns. The two burrs effectively distribute stand-alone particles, ensuring high grind performance and producing a gratifying, fluffy heap of coffee grounds. The vstep-adjustment controls on both burr sets give you complete control over your brews.

2nd burr set

“This grinder will allow for some more interesting testing than current grinders, and it has a potential to do more for coffee data science than other grinders out on the market.” – Robert McKeon Aloe (Data Scientist & Author of the Book Engineering Better Espresso)

MOMENTEM has 105 parts in total, it is not a regular hand grinder and some may assume it might be more complicated to clean two burr sets. MOMENTEM’s design and engineering team thought about this as well and manufactured an easy assembly system that enables users to remove the second burr set with one swift pull.

In the hand grinding industry, the basic principles of ergonomic design have often been glossed over, resulting in muscle aches from daily grinding with a chassis that is simply too wide for one’s hands. MOMENTEM’s ergonomic design was inspired by various wine bottles, making it easier to grip and comfortable to hold its slim design. Its ergonomic design also boasts an adjustable crank tailored to one’s needs as an individual.

In addition to its ergonomic design, MOMENTEM’s catch cup includes a built-in sifter allowing one to switch out different sieve sizes to produce the perfect grind distribution every time. MOMENTEM paves the way for people’s creativity as a coffee enthusiast and if people want to experiment with staccato espresso shots or other cool brewing experiements, this built-in sifter will be their new best friend. One must become the master of one’s own brews and take control over the results of daily grinding to get that perfect cup of coffee.

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“It’s so refreshing to see a hand grinder that is genuinely innovating. In a field of virtually identical hand grinder designs, the MOMENTEM truly stands out as a front runner pushing what is possible. The dual burr design is something I’ve never seen and am truly excited for!” – Justin Piercy (Daddy Got Coffee)

MOMENTEM is made for everyone. Make full use of the two-step adjustment system to build unique brewing recipes for any brewing method, including Espresso, Turkish/Ibrik, Moka pot, Aeropress, Pour over, Chemex, French press, and more. MOMENTEM’s mission is to inspire and motivate people to dive deeper into the world of coffee with two-step grinding technology and to emphasize the potential of coffee engineering innovation.

With MOMENTEM, I’M NOT A BARISTA is giving a big push to propel the hand grinding industry forward and to take bigger steps in overhauling the ergonomics of manual grinding for everyone, everywhere.

MOMENTEM was designed and developed by I’M NOT A BARISTA, a global coffee community and non-for-profit organization whose purpose is to help coffee people in need and make a positive social impact. Even before its launch, MOMENTEM gained a lot of attention from coffee lovers around the world, and in the first 24 hours of its launch, raised over $30,000. If that’s not impressive, then what is?

The Retail Price (MSRP) for one unit of this elegant hand grinder is $499.00. It is sold ONLY ON INDIEGOGO at $399.00 (20% off). Backers may choose to buy in bulk, reducing the overall cost per unit.

As a way to give back to the coffee community, I’M NOT A BARISTA has launched a referral program with Kickbooster, where people gain 15% commision (about $60) on every purchase made through their link.

In order to find more information or to purchase the MOMENTEM grinder, visit MOMENTEM’s Indiegogo campaign page.

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