Another packed house for the last night of the Strada EP Tour, at the Counter Culture Coffee Training Center in the Flatiron District. With plenty of Anchor Steam beer on hand, Scott Guglielmino of La Marzocco gave his introduction of the debutante machine of an overheated and enthusiastic crowd of New York coffee cognoscenti and travelers from around the United States. Framed by steamed-up windows looking out onto 26th Street, the gathering was intimate, loud, hot, sweaty and lovely, a fitting end to a week spent on the road with La Marzocco and Counter Culture.

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1/2 of sat in on the event Friday night as well as two tech trainings, and would like to sincerely thank the staff at CCC NYC for their hospitality and kindness. Peter Giuliano’s Friday afternoon cupping of three coffees from Finca Nueva Armenia was a real highlight.

All the event this week felt like cultural extensions of the cities in which they took place, and we’ve enjoyed the chance to take you around the East Coast with us. There will be more on the machine itself, what we’ve learned, and some coverage on what what said and pondered throughout the last week over the next few days. For now let’s leave with an analogy:

“It’s 9:43 on a Saturday night, and you’re in midtown-Manhattan, a cab ride from anywhere. There’s no limit to what you can do.”

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