The year was 2009. From two childhood friends – one a career barista with pent-up artistic leanings, the other an out-of-work writer suffering from a lifelong cafe addiction – came a revolution in the way discerning coffee professionals waste their office hours and iPhone data plans each and every day. We here at Sprudge are celebrating our second anniversary this week; it’s a quiet affair, really, our own little dinner for two. In some ways, this website feels brand new, and in others, it’s as though we’ve been writing Sprudge together since junior high.

We’ll be celebrating all week long over at the Facebook page – go here! like us! validate our social networking portfolio! – with an informal collection of some of our favorite stories from the vaults.

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To our new sponsors: your support means the world to us, and thank you for helping us continue and grow. Get ready for a wild ride.

To our earliest sponsors, supporters, informal editors, and the people who have put us up on their couches (many of you are one and the same): we literally, truly could never have dreamed of such generosity and kindness. You are why we’re still here, 2 years later, and the freedom and trust you’ve afforded us is why we’re still so weird. Thank you for letting us not be bad or forcing us to be bland. Thank you for telling us to keep going. Thank you.

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