Over two weeks in June 2016,’s intrepid founders Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen embarked on a whirlwind tour of Europe, taping podcasts and having a nice coffee time along the way. This, friends, was one of the most fulfilling and fun projects in 7 years of publishing Sprudge, and we’re so excited today to bring the first of four episodes from the tour.

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Our first episode comes from deep within the basement of the aptly-named Liquor Rooms, in the basement of the iconic Clarence Hotel in the heart of Temple Bar. With the Ha’penny Bridge gleaming down the cobblestone block, we entered the venue sure of only one thing: that we’d be interviewing some national barista champions on the Urnex Brands Ambassador program roster. And what a roster that turned out to be, as Urnex fielded an incredible six for six finalists at the 2016 World Barista Championship.

What we discovered then was a charming and convivial party atmosphere from our friends & partners at Urnex, stocked with coffee pros from around the world and plenty of kebab & meat pie share plates (in the Irish tradition). From a charming little stage in the front of the room, our gallant duo did interview champs from near and far, and they were:

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Steve Moloney of Love Coffee Roasters, Barista Champion of Sweden!

Leo Moço of Cafe do Moço, Barista Champion of Brazil!

Agnieszka Rojewska of Brisman Kawowy Bar, Barista Champion of Poland!

Nisan Agca, the independent Barista Champion of Turkey!

Mathieu Theis, the independent Barista Champion of Switzerland!

Listen in as we chat, laugh, and learn a little more about these remarkable coffee professionals from around the world. In the course of these convos we learned that the world is indeed small, and many previous articles and links from Sprudge were mentioned in these interviews. You can learn more about Steve Moloney’s Barista League here; read more on Leo Moço and Estella Cotes, the husband and wife coffee champions of Brazil; and check out Vic Frankowski’s coffee tour of Poland, including a trip to Agnieszka Rojewska’s excellent Brisman Kawowy Bar.

We loved taping this show, and we hope you enjoy listening. Thanks so much to our collaborators at Urnex Brands for hosting this event and for putting together the aforementioned highly impressive 2016 Ambassador program—what a pleasure to interview these pros.


Next week we’ll have another installment of the Coffee Sprudgecast European Tour, coming to you from La Fontaine de Belleville in Paris, where we interview Nicolas Piégay (KB Coffeeshop), Mihaela Iordache (roaster at Belleville Brulerie), Antoine Netien (Coutume), and David Nigel Flynn (founder at Belleville Brulerie).

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The Coffee Sprudgecast European Tour is sponsored by La Marzocco, Cafe Imports Europe, and KitchenAid USA.

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